The Daily Mile, grassroots physical activity campaign


The Daily Mile is a grassroots physical activity campaign which challenges primary schools to take their children out of the classroom to run a circuit of the playground, or similar, for a minimum of 15 minutes per day.

Leicester City School Sport and Physical Activity Network are working to sign-up schools to The Daily Mile across the city since September 2017. County schools are also signing up.

Little information is known about what schools do once they sign up to the online system as each school has the flexibility to implement The Daily Mile in whatever way suits their school. This information would be useful to local stakeholders in Leicester City but also to other academics and practitioners working in school-based physical activity promotion across the UK. 

What is the aim?

The aim of this research is to generate evidence on the utility of The Daily Mile for schools, as well as understanding how schools are implementing The Daily Mile, how they can best be supported with implementation, and what organisational factors are required for sustained maintenance to the initiative. We will achieve this aim by undertaking the following objectives:

The overall aim of this evaluation is to generate new evidence on how The Daily Mile is implemented in a diverse and multi-ethnic City in the UK. The objectives of this evaluation are to determine in Leicester city schools:

a) the reach and adoption of The Daily Mile

b) the level of implementation, implementation processes and drivers of The Daily Mile

c) the maintenance and maintenance processes of The Daily Mile implementation

Latest update: study documentation have been sent for research ethics committee approval. All schools in Leicester City will be contacted very soon with an invite to get involved.

For more information contact PI Deirdre Harrington

Funding for this work has been provided by the University of Leicester Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund