Are you stumped for new ways to get fit?


More Walking Cricket sessions are set to help push the boundaries of fitness in older people across Leicester.

The Walking Cricket programme has been designed for people aged over 50 who are looking for a different approach to exercise as part of a drive to improve their lifestyle.

Several organisations across the county have come together to benefit the local community, encouraging participants to become more active and meet like-minded people as part of a drive to halt the increase in type 2 diabetes figures in the area.

The Centre for Black and Minority Ethnic Health is also involved by engaging with communities that the sports clubs may not have access to directly.

The programme is supported by the Leicester Changing Diabetes programme in collaboration with the Leicestershire County Cricket Club which is providing qualified coaches to lead the sessions. Leicester Riders, the city’s basketball team, has agreed to provide its venue as a home for the programme.

Sunny Rohit, project officer at the Centre for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Health, which is organising the cricket sessions, said: “Walking Cricket is opening up the sport to a whole generation of people who perhaps thought their days in the outfield were over. That doesn’t have to be the case, there’s always a way to have fun and stay active.

“Providing a slower paced, indoor format of the game is going down a storm with the older generation who are loving the chance to get back into a sport they know and love. It’s a fabulous way for men and women to socialise, while also increasing their exercise levels at a more relaxed speed.”

The weekly sessions start on Friday, February 8 and will run every Friday from 10.30am to 12pm at the Leicester Arena in Charter Street, costing £2.50. Free parking on site is available.

Deirdre Harrington, Ph.D. academic lead for Leicester Changing Diabetes, said: “This is the second time we are running Walking Cricket in conjunction with the Leicestershire County Cricket Club. Our research with participants is showing how much they enjoyed the sessions and got more benefits from it than they expected.”

Leicester Changing Diabetes is a partnership programme with Novo Nordisk and the Leicester Diabetes Centre based at Leicester General Hospital. The global initiative Cities Changing Diabetes was created by pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk and was launched in response to the dramatic rise of diabetes within urban areas.

The Leicester Diabetes Centre – a partnership and collaboration between the Leicester’s Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Leicester – is an international Centre of Excellence in diabetes research, education and innovation and is led by Professor Melanie Davies CBE and Professor Kamlesh Khunti.

Professor Davies CBE, Director of the Leicester Diabetes Centre and Professor of Diabetes Medicine at the University of Leicester, said: “Introducing healthier lifestyles to people to drive down type 2 diabetes numbers is a vital component of the Leicester Changing Diabetes programme.

“The condition is associated with poor diet and lack of activity so encouraging people, of all ages, to get and stay active is extremely important . The Walking Cricket programme is the perfect way to empower people and give them the opportunity to take better care of their health.”

Anyone wanting more details can contact Sunny Rohit by calling 0116 2588964 or emailing

Fiona Bailey