Kings Fund event welcomes Leicester team


The Leicester Changing Diabetes team recently attended a Kings Fund event.

The organisation is an independent charity working to improve health services in England with a vision that the best possible care should be made available to everyone.

The day kicked off with The Leicester Changing Diabetes team giving a brief overview of the global Cities Changing Diabetes programme, how it is inviting members across the world to drive down urban diabetes numbers and what is happening in Leicester as part of the international project.



The event explored how local authorities, NHS and third sector organisations are working together to improve health and wellbeing in urban areas the UK.

Associate researcher Sophie O’Connell said: “It was a great day as it gave us insight into how  other UK cities, including London, Manchester and Leeds are doing similar things to get their cities and citizens healthier.

“There is definitely potential to work with other cities to ensure we are learning from those around us and in order for us to share what we have learnt being part of the CCD programme.”

Fiona Bailey