Councillor Manjula Sood MBE gives seal of approval


Leicester City Councillor Manjula Sood MBE is a huge support of the work the Leicester Diabetes Centre carries out and gave her reaction about the new partnership.

“I am very thankful to the Leicester Diabetes Centre for all they’ve already done in terms of research for diabetes. As someone who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes only six months ago, this a subject very close to my heart.
“People are still not taking care of their health and if they are careful and take control of their diet it can be prevented, or at the very least controlled. However, particularly among the South Asian and black and minority ethnic (BME) communities there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of education and prevention.
“I welcome the fact that the Leicester Diabetes Centre is taking the UK lead in this project. This sort of campaign is important for people who don’t know what the risk of a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis can mean for their health. The impact on someone’s health if they develop the condition can be devastating if it’s not controlled and must not be ignored.
“We are hugely fortunate to have the Leicester Diabetes Centre on our doorstep, but members of the public must do their bit too and take action right away before it’s not too later.    
“This campaign is vital and will help to encourage people to take full control of their lifestyle and make the right changes in a bid to prevent developing the condition.
“I want to take this opportunity to tell the people of Leicester that it’s not too late and there is no stigma surrounding Type 2 diabetes. It’s a health condition which should be avoided at all costs, but should someone develop the condition, all is not lost, it’s possible to take steps to avoid the complications.
“Make changes to your lifestyle and you can carry on with your normal life – but once you get diabetes you have got to control it. You’re given a lot of advice so take it and use. It is possible to live a healthy and busy life.”

Shehnaz Jamal