Activities with other CCD cities and Novo Nordisk

 The Leicester Changing Diabetes are keen to link with the other Cities Changing Diabetes cities. Here are some examples of what we have done so far:


Houston exchanges

Cities Changing Diabetes has been working with stakeholders in Houston since 2014 and together they discovered that faith was a great way to promote awareness of diabetes, which is also a key area of focus for the Leicester team. 

Since then a Faith and Diabetes Initiative has been launched in an effort to engage leaders within faith communities around diabetes awareness, prevention, and treatment. As Leicester is home to a large multicultural society, it was thought that Leicester Changing Diabetes could learn a lot from the Houston team. 

In September the Leicester team travelled to Houston to meet stakeholders and learn how they have been engaging with faith leaders and their congregations.  

They have found that educating faith leaders to deliver diabetes prevention education to their congregation is a practical and sustainable method of engaging with certain communities and individuals who may be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Latest update 

After returning from Houston, the Leicester team are now exploring how the theme of “spirituality and health” can be incorporated into the diabetes self-management programmes that are running at Leicester Diabetes Centre. A new programme called Safer Ramadan could be an ideal programme to do this.


Links with Novo Nordisk Pro Cycling team and Ride Leicester

 A lot is happening in the city to make it more bike friendly and the Leicester Changing Diabetes team have committed to helping make this a reality.

Cycling in an urban environment has many benefits. As well as reducing air pollution from vehicles and reducing congestion it is also a great way to be active and reduce ones risk for type 2 diabetes and other conditions.

The Leicester team has hosted a number of cycling events alongside the type 1 diabetes team Team Novo Nordisk. Their riders have a mission to educate, inspire and empower. Although Leicester Changing Diabetes focuses on type 2 rather than type 1 diabetes, the healthy lifestyle message and encouraging empowerment among people to overcome health barriers can speak for both conditions.

In August 2018 Team Novo Nordisk rider Sam Brand and Ambassador Brais Dacal appeared at the Let’s Ride Leicester festival. The whole event was so successful, it was shortlisted for a tourism award.

This event was a great way to showcase how the Leicester team’s work can be applied to events across the city, encouraging mass participation.

To read more about their visit click here or visit the Team Novo Nordisk website.

 Just three months later, Brais Dacal returned to Leicester for World Diabetes Day. He appeared at a local adapted bike event run by Wheels for All and The Big Local. Peter for Leicester Wheels for All wrote a blog post about the event and posted a fun video.